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Services Offered
• Annual Inspections
• 100 hr inspections
• Pre-Purchase Inspections
• Minor Repairs/Alterations
• Weight and Balance
• Fabric covering services
• ACF50 Corrosion treatment
• Aircraft Weight and Balance
• STC Installations
Shop Rate-$85.00 per hr plus Parts
Schedule and Unscheduled Maintenance
All Prices quoted below are price plus parts and consumables
MAKO Package 1: This is an affordable solution for the aircraft owner/operator looking to have a clean and service aircraft available on demand. This is accomplished by staying on top of regular maintenance items on a scheduled basis. Keeping the oil changed every 40 hours or 4 months (whichever occurs first) prolongs engine life and reduces the need for major repairs.
MAKO Package 1 includes:
1. Oil Change: Includes oil change, oil filter replacement, old oil filter inspection, next oil change sticker, leak test run-up and log book entry.
2. Operational Check: Test of navigation, anti-collision, landing/taxi lights and pilot heat. With replacement if necessary.
3. Tire Pressure Check: Pressure check of the aircraft tires and servicing to manufacture’s specification s with Nitrogen.
4. Windscreen Cleaning: Rinse off the dirt, then cleaned with an aircraft-specific windscreen cleaner.
5. Leading Edge Cleaning: Wipe down of all leading edges of the aircraft (wings, struts, wheel pants, engine front cowling, vertical and horizontal stab).
6. Vacuum: Vacuuming of the complete aircraft interior.
7. Belly Wipe Down: Cleaning of the belly with a degreaser that is safe on all aircraft finishes.
8. Carbon Dioxide Detector Check: A check to see that the carbon dioxide detector is not expired and replacement, if needed.
Optional: Oil filter cut-out. We’ll throw your old oil filter cut-out into a zip-lock baggie and date it for oil trend purposes. (Please notify us if you are interested in this service.)
Discount: Sign up for our automatic service and receive a 10% discount off the total cost on each MAKO Package 1 service! With the automatic service, we will perform the MAKO
Package 1 service to your aircraft every 4 months. This is an affordable way to keep your aircraft clean and serviced on a regular basis!
MAKO Package 1 Cost:
Single Engine $140 + parts (Within 50 miles of KRBO)
Twin Engine $200 + parts (Within 50 miles of KRBO)
Parts used in MAKO Package 1 include oil and oil filter.
Cost of oil and filter can be found on our products page.
Oil Change: Stay on top of the most important preventive maintenance item, prolong engine life, and flush out all the corrosive combustion blowby with regular oil changes.
Oil change includes:
Oil change, oil filter replacement, old oil filter inspection, next oil change sticker, leak test run-up and of course a log book entry.
Optional: Oil filter cut-out. We’ll throw your old oil filter cut-out into a zip-lock baggie and date it for oil trend purposes. (Please notify us if you are interested in this service.)
Discount: Sign up for our automatic service and receive a 10% discount off the total cost on each MAKO Package 1 service! With the automatic service, we will perform the MAKO
Package 1 service to your aircraft every 4 months. This is an affordable way to keep your aircraft clean and serviced on a regular basis!
Oil Change Cost:
Single Engine $140 + parts (Within 50 miles of KRBO)
Twin Engine $200 + parts (Within 50 miles of KRBO)
Parts include oil and oil filter.
See our products page of oil and filter prices.
For aircraft wanting this service outside of the 50 mile radius, contact us.
Pre-Purchase Inspection: An aircraft is a huge financial investment. An intelligent investor always researches his or her investment before a purchase. A pre-purchase inspection is a tool used to determine an aircrafts value. MAKO Mobile Aircraft Service LLC helps ensure that every corner is covered by using custom made pre-purchase inspection checklists. Some, but not all, of the items checklist include:
Extensive logbook check and AD compliance check (aircraft history, incomplete logs)
Aircraft/lien damage history/previous registration check (Performed by MAKO or FAA)
Oil filter inspection
In depth visual exterior inspection
Behind the panel visual inspection
Engine differential compression check
Fuel screen inspection
Fuel tank interior inspection
Fuselage, wings, empennage integrity and corrosion inspection
Flight control inspection/operation checks
Clients of a pre-purchase inspection will receive a professional unbiased opinion and a Pre-Purchase summary report after the inspection is completed
Pre-Purchase inspection costs:
Single engine inspection within 50 miles of KRBO or with aircraft flown to Nueces County
Airport $260.00 + parts + aircraft file search (performed by MAKO or FAA)
Twin engine inspection within 50 miles of KRBO or with aircraft flown to Nueces County
Airport $340.00 + parts + aircraft file search (performed by MAKO or FAA)
(Parts usually include only oil filter)
Light Aircraft Maintenance: We understand how maintenance can be a nuisance with the downtime and scheduling. If you’re looking for a convenient solution to your light aircraft maintenance needs, check out some of our mobile aircraft services. Our maintenance personnel have been in the aviation industry for many years, some of them aircraft owners themselves. We respect the bond between and aircraft and its owner/operator. Therefore, we make it a priority to leave the aircraft a same as or better condition than before we came. Here are some of the Mobile Aircraft Services items we provide:
-Aircraft wheel/brake/tire maintenance
-Navigation/anti-collision/landing/taxi light maintenance
-Aircraft battery maintenance/replacement
-Aircraft system troubleshooting and repair
Do you have an issue you would like to get fixed at your location, but don’t see it falling into one of the above categories? Contact us! We’ll try our best to resolve your issue, or recommend someone who can!
Mobile Aircraft Service Pricing: (For items without a price)
All Mako Mobile Aircraft Service LLC service items that do not have a price are subject to a $10.00 service call fee plus .60 cents per mile from KRBO. Using Google maps and shortest route.
Any location within 50 mile radius of KRBO- $10.00 + mileage + cost to perform maintenance item = Your Total Cost
Hourly labor rate: $80.00
We are efficient at performing maintenance. Here are some labor time we charge on regular maintenance items.
One aircraft tire change: 1 hour
One aircraft nav light bulb change: .25
Notes:Every maintenance need is different and will be billed accordingly. It is the aircraft owner/operators responsibility to ensure maintenance tasks may be performed at aircraft location.
100 Hour / Annual Inspections: For many aircraft owners, the 100 hour/annual inspection is the only in depth inspection performed to the aircraft. Take advantage of our trained IA eyes and allow MAKO to perform your next 100 hour or annual inspection. We strive on completing a through yet affordable inspection. Would you be interested in having your 100 hour/annual inspection completed at the aircraft’s location?
Each Annual Inspection is quoted on a Flat Rate schedule depending on the make and model of aircraft. The following items are included in the flat rate price: 1.
1.5 hours of AD research (if more than 1.5 hours is needed, extra time is charged at shop rate of $80/hr). You will leave with an up-to-date list of all ADs affecting your aircraft. 
Clean, gap, test, and rotate spark plugs Pre and Post test runs
Compression check
Servicing of airframe battery
Oil and Filter change and filter inspection (labor only)
Induction air filter change (labor only)
Vacuum system filter check/change (labor only)
Lubrication and servicing of pulley, hinges, and bell cranks
Cleaning, inspection, and repacking of wheel bearings, as required
Landing gear lubrication and extension/retraction test, if required
Brake reservoir servicing
Pressure of all tires checked, and serviced with nitrogen if needed
Magneto to engine timing
Pressure testing of exhaust system
Propeller inspection, lubrication (if required) and dressing of nicks
Removal and installation of cowlings, fairings, inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection
Testing of the ELT IAW FAR 91.207
Inspection of aircraft, engine, propeller, and accessories IAW Part 43 App. D
Note: Any special inspections required for Continued Airworthiness resulting for the installed STC, FAA Form 337, or Airworthiness Directive will be charged on an hourly basis at a shop rate of $80/hr. Required repairs above and beyond those included in the flat rate will also be charged at the shop rate. The cost of parts is not included in the flat rate schedule.
Dynamic Propeller Balancing
Dynamic Prop Balance (Dynavibe). Vibration  is Bad for Engines, Airframes, Avionics and Pilots! Over 30 years ago we began spin balancing our car tires which we quickly found was a vast improvement over static "bubble balancing".Propellers are statically balanced during overhaul and this is a good start, however, test-stand balancing does not compensate for the unbalance caused by the prop spinner, spinner bulkheads, starter ring gear and aerodynamic loading. Also, since residual prop and/or crank geometrical manufacturing errors are normally always present, these slight errors introduce another chance for unbalance. For example, if the center of the prop mass is only one-thousand of an inch out of alignment with the centerline of the crankshaft the result is a 0.3 IPS imbalance which amounts to a ~40 lb oscillating side-load at the front engine bearing. Although the bearing oil pressure will prevent metal on metal interference up to 1.2 ips, the vibration energy is still transmitted throughout the engine and airframe. All unbalance vibration amounts to wasted energy. Well, not truly wasted since this energy will eventually work to cause fatigue, cracks and component failures as well as premature avionics and instrument failures. The repairs are usually costly and since the band aid approach is temporary, vibration continues to take its toll. Vibration also exacerbates pilot fatigue and can cause passenger discomfort and safety concerns. A propeller and engine combination must be spin-balanced together i.e. "married" to ensure a smooth running powerplant. Dynamic Prop Balancing is a precision digital balance of the entire propeller system under normal operating conditions. More than just balancing, it is form of fine tuning that brings the prop into precise "harmony" with the engine. Aircraft and prop manufacturers expect dynamic prop balancing to be a routine part of the preventative maintenance cycle.
Aircraft maintenance technicians have accepted spin-balancing as a base on which to build a comprehensive maintenance strategy; a coherent defense against vibration, effectively increasing safety margins and decreasing down-time. Inspectors (IA's) know that a smooth running powerplant will generate structural cycle fatigue at a slower rate and therefore have a better chance of remaining airworthy between annual inspections. Conversely, a balanced prop and the associated vibration reduction will have a protective effect on the work accomplished during annual inspections. At the very least, it is safe to say, an aircraft with a precisely balanced rotating group will require fewer repairs over time offsetting the cost of balancing. The improvement in ride quality is priceless!
Our simple flat rate is on par with the national average price for generic prop balancing services. However, our rate features and includes on-site service performed by a balancing specialist. Few shops can offer this level of service at this price-point.
$239 for singles and $350 for most recip. twins. Turbines, Ag-Spray or on floats, add $50/engine. (i.e. King-Air = $450)
Approx 10% of aircraft engines/props fall into the "already balanced" category. Unfortunately, it is impossible to "second guess" which props won't need corrective balancing without performing the whole set-up and procedure. In the case where we find acceptable (near zero) prop unbalance and vibe levels during the first run-up, (whether the prop was balanced previously or is simply OK due to luck or happenstance) we still ask for a nominal $69/engine to cover, on-site service, set-up, testing and consultation. In these rather rare cases we hope our customers are still fully satisfied with our service, enjoying the "peace of mind" and assurance everything is running smoothly. In these cases, a logbook entry is still issued recording the balancing test and attempt. Tach verification and a spectrum analysis hardcopy (if desired) is also included with testing.
Corrosion Treatment
ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula takes corrosion control to a whole new level. Featuring the latest advances in Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology, ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula is specially formulated to displace moisture, stop corrosion instantly and provide long-lasting protection. Mako Mobile can also use CorrosionX or Triflow if preferred.
Single $300
Twin $450
Aircraft Weight & Balance
Platform-4500 lbs
Load cell up to 45,000 lbs
Weight & Balance
Single $270
Twin $390
5-10,000 lbs $500
10-15.000 lbs $750
15-20,000 lbs $1000
20-25,000 lbs $1,500
25,000 45,000 lbs $2,000
Mileage outside of 50 miles
50 -75 miles $25
75-100 miles $50
100-150 miles $100
150-200 miles $150
Other rates and prices for specific aircraft on request. Price list subject to change without notice and not all situations are covered under basic
maintenance listed above.
Aircraft Detailing
Keep your aircraft's appearance exceptional, without lifting a finger. This thorough service leaves the aircraft looking spotless, both inside and out.
Aircraft Detail includes:
Aircraft belly is cleaned with a degreaser safe for all aircraft finishes.
Aircraft is rinsed free of dust and dirt, then washed and shami dried.
The interior is thoroughly vacuumed.
Operational check of the navigation, anti-collision, landing/taxi lights and pitot heat.
Tire pressure check of the aircraft tires and servicing to manufacture's specifications.
All aircraft windows are cleaned with an aircraft-specific windscreen cleaner.
Costs of Aircraft Detail:
Single engine 175.00
Twin engine 250.00
Do I need a Mobile Aircraft Service to come to my facility?
Mobile service units are in the headlines a lot these days. Most of the big aircraft service names have them and there are also a lot of smaller operations throughout the United States. They offer everything from cleaning to engine changes and even major inspections. So, how do you know when mobile aircraft service is a good option for you? Here are three things to consider:
1. Downtime
Sometimes a road team will be able to solve a problem faster than you can, and can reach you in a time frame that may compete with a full-service facility's onsite availability. This is true for troubleshooting and AOG situations. You can get the team and the parts to your location in relatively short order and be back in the air in no time. However, for larger jobs, it may take a road team longer than a full team at a service center. Two or three guys working dozens of labor hours will just take longer than five to six guys working an inspection on round-the clock shifts.
2. Cost
Using road teams spares you the cost of moving your airplane to a full- service facility, and for someone to travel with it to watch over the maintenance. A mobile team can be a good solution for an in-house team that needs a day or two of technical or heavy help, but can handle the rest of the inspection on their own. However, road teams cost more. You are paying for their time, door-to-door service and in many cases their expenses. Convenience costs more.
3. Unforeseen Complications
What if an inspection uncovers something that needs more time, tools, parts or expertise to fix? The short answer is you are most likely in for more downtime. For instance, a cracked window. A repair in the field would extend the downtime, while a repair at a full-service facility would not.
So, consider your options and choose wisely. Sometimes service from a professional team in your hangar can be a real benefit. And sometimes it's just better to take your aircraft to a full-service facility. The great news is you have the choice!

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